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Warning: Unwritten Rules by attorneys and judges use prejudice to subvert the law and violate the constitutional rights of citizens!
Judicial Misconduct
This website is under reconstruction.

To the surprise of the organization founder, the Access To The Courts website was deleted on August 31, 2008.  The site debut on June 11, 2005 was followed by no fewer than 80 updates tracking the abuses of the police and courts in a matter concerning a pro se litigant.

The home page contains information on recent developments, in particular the horrific trial of September 18, 2008 involving the betrayal by police, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges in Massachusetts.  In a way, this (5 year prejudiced journey through the legal system) mess started there in May 2005.  It will end there, as Federal District Court Judge William G. YOUNG is now (September 2010) under investigation by ATTC and will likely be subject of formal complaints for his role in the criminal coverup of 1) misconduct in Scituate, Massachusetts by police, 2) suborning perjury (by police) by the Town's counsel in related civil litigation - Stephen A. PFAFF, and the ongoing misconduct of federal officials manipulated by the Scituate Police Department and many lawyers.

Judge Young:

1) Participated in Ex Parte Communications with lawyer and civil defendant-lawyer Stephen A. PFAFF.
2) Issued an unfounded show cause order going beyond judicial error, as the judge made an unfounded criminal accusation against the civil plaintiff.  Judges must act as adjudicators, NOT accusers!
3) Failed to disclose (when imperative to do so) Ex Parte Communications with a litigating lawyer (PFAFF).
4) Inappropriately acted on a matter already in the jurisdiction of another court, in order to prejudice the proceedings.

Judge Young, it is time for you to retire.

STATUS of September 24, 2010 Complaint to the 1st Circuit Judicial Council against Judge William G. Young...we did not get our answer until 1st Circuit Judge Sandra Lynch signed an opinion on March 24, 2011 dismissing the matter.  Lynch is party to a delusioned and self-serving belief that ex parte communication can be justified by a false pretext of emergency (though none was originally declared), and to say so SIX MONTHS after first seeing a complaint about it, while ignoring the fact that the emergency she so embraces
 is not an emergency at all...why would a civil court have an emergency in having to throw out a civil case for an email written by the plaintiff, and to do so without proper petitioning and notice to the plaintiff?

“Their Lies, The Problem” – July 16, 2011


We are now into our 7th year, and the marriage of Truth and Power will likely experience the Seven Year Itch…where Power will find renewed impulse to scratch out Truth.  Access To The Courts is a mediator, of sorts, for the case of Truth v. Power, as the empowered in our legal system – police, attorneys, and judges – would rather not have truth be a part of justice, the supposed object of our judicial system, i.e., the courts.


Our face of truth is Jeffrey L. Clemens, someone who has always believed in truth as the agent that “sets you free”, though his current circumstance says otherwise.  Since January 2011, Jeffrey has been in the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central  Falls, RI, a direct result of the lies and extreme prejudice of Scituate Police Officer Michael O’Hara, who induced the lies of FBI agents Ingerd Sotelo and Rachel Boisselle, the derelictions and unethical behavior of attorneys Stephen C. Pfaff, David G. Tobin, Ian M. Gold, and Robert Greenspan (all of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – added to a list including Jane S. Randall, Hilary Potashner, and Shereen Charlick), the derelictions of the Office of Bar Counsel in Boston (including Linda G. Bauer, Ellen M. Meagher, and others), and as slowly emerging facts and actions tell us – the derelictions of District Court Judges William G. Young and Douglas P. Woodlock, who will be joining federal judges David A. Katz, Christina A. Snyder, William Keller, and others…well-documented derelicts of the legal profession.


It is the express belief of Access To The Courts that it is the derelictions and lack of honesty of judges that have bred, condoned, and even promoted a culture of systemic dishonesty and prejudice in our legal system, which now unfortunately works to a set of unwritten rules, which you will not see written anywhere, but Access To The Courts has attempted to codify and will be updating soon.


To be clear, by “derelict” we mean public servants who do not do their sworn duty, not the poor, dirty, “despicable” homeless people who increasingly swarm our countryside (despite the legal system’s continued push to incarcerate them and our political leaders continued use of policies that favor small groups of interests over the broad interests of the citizenry).


Jeffrey L. Clemens experiences the worst of police misconduct, prejudice, attorney derelictions and even criminal behavior of attorneys, attempts to initiate investigations at oversight authorities (from the FBI to US Attorneys and US Congress to the Board of Bar Overseers in Massachusetts, who are actually prevented from seeing facts of attorney misconduct by the derelict Office of Bar Counsel – a de facto lawyer protection service), expresses a wish that Stephen C. Pfaff – a man directly responsible for a criminal cover up and an unlawful trial and 6 month incarceration (before an eventual overturn) – were dead, and Jeffrey is arrested (with false statements by FBI Agent Boisselle following unethical ex parte communication with the court by Pfaff), charged (upon the unethical prejudicing conduct of US Attorney Tobin at a secret grand jury), unethically tried (upon Judge Woodlock’s order that Jeffrey have derelict counsel), and now sits idled.  Logically, when a professional industry like the legal system goes for derelictions and non-accountability – despite a code of conduct – and when there is documented harm from such derelictions – then it is logical and reasonable to wish that the agents of dishonesty and dereliction and even criminality – like Stephen C. Pfaff - were dead – it is the only way the system could and would return to honesty and accountability – if the derelicts were dead, because there are apparently no overseers around to discipline the derelicts.  Jeffrey never threatened Mr. Pfaff and never said he would harm him, which is why there are derelict FBI agents, US Attorneys, and US Judges to do the intentional prejudicing it takes to move innocent people through the system.


The founder of Access To The Courts shares Jeffrey’s belief in the First Amendment and his sentiment against Stephen C. Pfaff – a wretched excuse of a lawyer who is willing to cross ethical boundaries to clear his clients…and he has a system very willing to help him, thanks to people – apparently good and professional and well reputed people – like Douglas P. Woodlock.


What the District Court is in the middle of right now, in 2011, is participation in a criminal cover up and collusion with the FBI to charge an honest, dereliction identifying, system accusing Jeffrey L. Clemens in order to literally stop him, enabling the continued existence of a system fraught with dishonesty, subversion, and prejudice…enablers of money making for a system with too many lawyers gaming the system away from its original purpose to serve the people – the system is only partially serving the people and mostly serving the vested interests of attorneys and their clients.


Judge Woodlock, upon Jeffrey’s fifth written attempt to excuse his lame federal defender Ian Gold, recently procured through the judge’s (yes, the judge’s) probation department (if not, indirectly through the forced use of a federal defender) a CJA attorney (one of almost a hundred – 96) – Robert Sinsheimer – to be a possible replacement for Ian Gold (before ultimately denying the defendant’s motion).  Mr. Sinsheimer not only shares a past with Pfaff and Tobin (at Suffolk Law and the Plymouth County DA Office), he shares the sentiment of Ian Gold to push for a finding of Mental Health Issues on the part of Jeffrey and he expresses an interest in protecting the name and conduct of derelict attorney Stephen C. Pfaff.  Sinsheimer literally stated to Jeffrey Clemens on June 28, 2011 that he thought Jeffrey had mental health issues (after admitting not knowing Jeffrey’s case) and is unwilling to vilify Mr. Pfaff.  Then, why would Judge Woodlock want to have a man like that represent the defendant Clemens?   Because, Sinsheimer is willing to tow the line (like Ian Gold, Jeffrey’s forced to have and endure federal defender), which is exactly the reason that Pro Se litigants must be allowed access to the courts – to ensure protection of basic rights!


Judge Woodlock has disregarded the legal fact that defendants not only have a right to counsel, but to competent counsel.


Access To The Courts sees the recent diminished life of Jeffrey Clemens, due to the aforementioned derelictions of many similarly-interested people, as not the final burial of a persistent accuser and resolution of “their” cover up problem, but the beginning of an unraveling that the people of the United States deserve in this time of [fill in the blank disasters], massive financial frauds, multiple wars, and huge public debt, which are really a result of actions of the few in deprivation of the many.  We have had enough.  And, we believe that going back to the basics is the key, and this is why Access To The Courts persists, even during its seventh year.  JAC

The premise of the organization is the subtle yet pervasive use of Unwritten Rules, whereby attorneys and judges work to prejudice legal proceedings for their own benefit and often counter to the rights of citizens.  Pro Se Litigants are often the first to fall victim to the Unwritten Rules.

Access to the courts in the United States is a serious problem.  At a time when the pro se litigant's access to legal proceedings was again seriously impaired (in 2008), this site went missing, possibly losing three years of effort toward documenting a growing host of misconduct in the courts.

READ the "The Real Crime - Prejudice in the US Judicial System", released on December 3, 2008, for a look at systemic prejudice and the identification of judges as the leading enablers over the attorneys who carry most of it out.


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